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    Founded in 2012, Putian Auto Parts Co.,Ltd. is located in Tangxia Town, Ruian Town, Zhejiang Province, the capital ofauto parts in China. The company specializes in R & D, production and salesof idle motor, air flow meter, sensor, intelligent control drive and other autoparts. With the spirit of preciseness,professionalism and continuous impr......


    Solar term door position sensor
    Throttle position sensor is also known asthrottle opening sensor or throttle switch. Its main function is to detectwhether the engine is in idle or load condition, acceleration or decelerationconditi......
    More... [2019-6-21]

    Air flow meter
    In the process of using the air flow meter,the gas flow through the meter drives the turbine blades to rotate. The numberof revolutions of the impeller is proportional to the volume of gas passingthr......
    More... [2019-6-21]

    Idle motor
    The idle motor is a kind of component tocontrol the idle speed of motor vehicle. Idling is called idling when theengine is idling. Its function is: when idling, according tothe temperature and l......
    More... [2019-6-21]

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